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What We Do

At 1Vision, our goal is to take high school experiences to the next level with a focus on hyperlocal communities across a nationalized media network.

We provide state-of-the-art technology for high school experiences, production teams who capture and create positively driven content, and a bridge for businesses and the local communities they serve.  

Female Student Operating Sideline Equipment

1Vision Media Services


As an extension of the school, it is 1Vision’s objective to maximize the value of our schools’ live event experience, reach, marketing assets, and increase school funding, while reducing the labor for administration, coaches, teachers, and parents. 

1Vision’s commitment is to develop valuable relationships with students and families, fans, alumni, and sponsors through the delivery of quality broadcasts, weekly mini-shows and segments, game programs, in-game production, website and social media engagement, hospitality, special events, affinity partner programs, national sales, sponsorship activation, venue signage and brand experience management.

1Vision Media works with school administrations to meet their goals in securing marquee supporting school partners.  With a large menu full of creative and attractive inventory, we collaborate with brand partners to enhance their company profile in these hyperlocal communities, while driving support for our national media network of partner high schools.   By joining a network of schools, our school partners are afforded exponential reach and negotiating power a single location or county board cannot achieve.

Hardware and Technology

Our state-of-the-art OmniVision LED boards comes in various forms and our team will work with you to find the best solution for your school and district. 1Vision will provide analysis to determine the best options in accomplishing your objectives to improve event productions, entertain, communicate and increase brand partner interest. Once a solution is agreed upon, our team will oversee and finance any development projects and begin to integrate the signage and associated production equipment

Asset Creation

1Vision is a full-service company, with one of our specialties being high-end production and post-production.  We have partnerships nationally with animators, producers, directors and videographers for every element of production regardless of size or purpose. Our team has produced, shot, edited, animated and provided graphics for every type of content from Bowl Games and NFL half-time shows, to Music videos and nationwide theatrical releases. Whether your live event productions need on-site research, a commercial needs directing or editing, hype videos need voice-over and narration, or script writing for a human interest story or coaches show, we can provide the expertise. 

We have mastered the digital workflow for all formats and resolutions.

In post, 1Vision has the ability to complete the all-in-one needs sought by the nation’s top producers and directors as well as national corporate sponsors seeking to deliver quality programming in a unique way.

School Brand Enhancement

1Vision Media serves athletics programs seeking innovative production solutions and superior customer service. With a focus on integrity and transparency, we work as an extension of the high school to maximize and promote the school’s brand through high-quality event production, content and a favorable offering for brand partnerships.

Student Work Study

Our Scholastic platform drives new opportunities for students to foster relationships with businesses in a real world environment. Students with interest in audio/visual will be able to connect with professionals in the field to give them hands-on learning opportunities and access to content produced specifically for the high school student. Once the student shows progression in their knowledge, they will have increasing access to the 1Vision equipment and professionals for internship style learning in a live environment. The Scholastic platform is being built to align priority academic initiatives with the corporate community.

Building off 1Vision’s multimedia rights relationships, Scholastic services will cultivate innovative, “best-in-class” academic partnerships. The platform will work with corporate partners outside of the audio/visual field to identify similar opportunities within their industries of expertise for a similar experience. Academic impact, holistic student focus, brand alignment, and revenue growth are our guiding principles for the Scholastic platform.  The platform will seek to provide opportunities for partners to have deeper engagement with students, faculty, staff and alumni.

An integral part of our every day is connecting businesses and brands to our most valuable assets – the opportunity to become involved with America’s community teams.  High School athletics are larger and more vibrant than any other athletic platform, consisting of millions of loyal and passionate fans all across the U.S. following their favorite teams with unique traditions and wholesome values.  With 1Vision Media, national brand partnerships with schools are made easier for all parties.  

Multi-screen Engagement

Dual Screen Engagement Solutions With Actionable Analytics

The Vision Mobile Companion App is the portal to your next level experience at your local high school game and a year-round connection to your school community and the greater 1Vision high school media network across the country. Your connection to school content positivity is now in the palm of your hand.

Stadium & Gymnasium Interactivity

The VISION mobile companion app focuses on eliminating the need for your fans to download multiple apps. With an automatic connection to your school content, the app provides a platform for native integration with the venue’s OmniVision scoreboard, fan loyalty, augmented reality, light shows, sponsor offerings, community news, game statistics and more.  For example, fans will be provided an opportunity to compete against one another in games with their results and faces on the big screen.  The app takes the in-game experience and the school’s brand to the next level.

Digital Program

The need for printing programs is over as each school will be able to share information about anyone participating during games whether it be players, coaches, cheerleaders or band members. Fans will not only have access to photos, background, and interests of the student or faculty involved, but can get near real time stats from the game itself.

The Connection to Home

When you can’t make the game or school performance, The VISION mobile companion app has got your back.  You can get the most valuable plays and stories around any of the events 1Vision Media produces delivered right to your phone.  Connect with others in the community and share and comment on your favorite highlights. Never miss another game!