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1Vision’s mission is to serve high schools and local communities by harnessing the power of positive experiences and inspiring others to do the same.

School Benefits Include:

  • New High-Definition OmniVision LED Scoreboard(s)
  • High-End Broadcast Equipment & Ongoing Hands-on Training
  • Professional Content Production
  • Dedicated On-Site Team, Ready to Serve your School
  • Opportunities for student work-along experience
  • Support and Corporate Inclusion for Your Local School Programs

What is 1Vision?

1Vision was created to bring together the passion and enthusiasm for High School communities through technology, professional event production, and inspirational content. We (politely) integrate our on-site production team into school operations and help take your event experience and school brand to the next level.

Students Operating Sideline Camera and Equipment
Fans in Stadium

OmniVision LED Scoreboards & Equipment

We provide the stadium and arena LED screens, 4K broadcast equipment, hands-on training regarding how to use everything and a dedicated local producer that will oversee significant productions.

Professional Content

We also work with your school to create professional-level content that plays in and out of the game. Insider Interviews with coaches, players, and fans help bring that pro game feel inside your stadium/arena and through the VISION mobile companion app. We also collaborate with students, giving them real-world media and production experience (this might be our favorite part of the job) and of course, opportunity to be featured in our school content.

Brand Partners

We do the leg work in sourcing and managing national and local advertiser partners to sponsor in-game content and other game day activations.

Second Screen Experience

A 1Vision exclusive which allows fans to not only enjoy the high-quality broadcast in-game, but with a private, second screen experience thanks to the 1Vision Mobile Companion app. The app gives fans access to a digital game program, stats and scores, mini-games, additional produced content and even communicates with the giant LED screen!

Additional Benefits

You get an enhanced stadium experience that fans are sure to love without the headache of trying to do it all yourself. And your school and booster programs automatically generate revenue from ad content (130% of historical averages).

Sample School Content

The 1Vision site production teams love creating great local content and stories highlighting the best people at each high school community. One of our favorite regular content segments is Champion of the Week. Someone inside the school nominates another and we feature them in a short story and interview.