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Production & Content Creation

Professional Production Management

1Vision leverages their vast experience in broadcast and production services to help build and empower schools with efficient workflows, training and oversight to create compelling branded entertainment content. We equip schools with the tools necessary to elevate professionalism in content creation in order to build entertainment value and enrich school branding and community engagement. 

Student Involvement & Education

1Vision’s production team developed a one-of-a-kind, student integrated work-study program whereby those interested in a possible career in audio/visual and media can gain real-world work experience. Working side by side with the 1Vision production professionals, students get to ‘do what we do’ with high-end game cameras, operate the broadcaster technology, create production quality content and best of all, make new friends and have a great time. By including students in such a significant part of our production process, the connection to the school brand and the local community is felt by all.

Asset Creation

1Vision specializes in high-end production and post-production work. Our team has a long history of producing some of the largest live sports, entertainment and corporate events in the country. They love working with our partner schools and creating hype videos, coaches shows, and human interest stories, especially those that involve students. We also specialize in graphic design, online distribution, show productions, and crafting compelling content.   

1Vision post production work has the ability to complete the all-in-one needs sought by the nation’s top producers and directors as well as national corporate sponsors.