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Multimedia Rights Support

TECHNOLOGY, Equipment & Signage

The first thing we do for our new school partners is to upgrade their equipment: LED Scoreboard technology, our professional grade broadcast suite, and a fleet of high-grade camera equipment. Oh….did we mention the dedicated on-site producer? Yep, all included in our standard package. When it comes to managing multimedia rights, we handle a lot of the work and day to day operations for our school partners.  

SCHOOL Brand Building

1Vision Media serves athletics programs seeking innovative solutions and superior customer service. With a focus on integrity and transparency, we work as an extension of the school to maximize and promote the school’s brand with professional grade production assets, a better live event offering, and a fully integrated student education/work experience. 

A partnership with 1Vision will enhance the interaction between the school brand and the local community.


1Vision Media works with school administrations to meet their goals in securing business partnerships. With a large menu full of creative and attractive digital inventory plus with our state-of-the-art LED boards, we are able to offer high-quality advertising opportunities for both local and national brand partners.

1Vision Media offers advertisers significant value in brand awareness, media impressions, hospitality, consumer activation and community involvement. With the 1Vision Media network of schools, individual districts are afforded reach and negotiating power a single district  or county board cannot achieve.

Revenue Generation

As an extension of the school, it is 1Vision’s objective to maximize the value of all marketing assets and increase revenue, while reducing the labor for administration, coaches, teachers, and parents. We develop valuable relationships with sponsors, fans, alumni, and students through the delivery of broadcasts, weekly mini-shows and segments, endorsements, website and social media engagement, game programs, in-game production, hospitality, special events, affinity partner programs, venue signage and brand management.