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When it comes to sports and event marketing, high schools represent the final frontier of the untapped super fan. These aren’t just any fans. They are the family & friends of the students on the field and among the most active members of their local communities.

This segment represents a larger and more emotionally connected family audience. 1Vision provides the perfect connection point for our national brand partners.

Year Round Engagement

While the school season offers a 10-month window between all sport & competitions, 1Vision helps keep the community connected during the couple of slow months with great summer content and previews leading into the start of the new school year!

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Use this form to request our video, The Last Frontier, explaining how 1Vision can help you partner with local schools and communities.

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The Best Audience in Sports

Educated and affluent fan bases embracing personal ties with longer lifespans and the strongest social media influence.

Closer to Home

Higher affinity within community. Capture the emotion and excitement only live events can provide when the moments are most personal. Affinity turns corporate brands into Partners that deliver fun.

Communities see you as an ally.


Our fans have discretionary spending power 2x the national average.

Younger Audience

Longer tail for loyalty. More impressionable. More likely to promote others via social media.

Close to Home

Serving the people & communities they love.

Activate Fun

Interactive opportunities to engage fans with experiences that tie your brand to the emotions that evoke the kid in each of us. The elements can be off-the-shelf branded solutions or customized to integrate your products and solutions into a fun, unforgettable engagement. 

Contact us to ask about a custom-built interactive solution to engage your audience. 

Defined Geography

Localize in ways you’re unable to in P5 college stadiums or the Pros.

Multi-Screen Engagement

Get creative to put your audience on your showroom floor in fun, interactive ways.

Year Round Engagement

1Vision helps keep the community connected during the slow months with great content and previews.

Digital Coupons

A/B testing capabilities in marketing approach with special offer coupons.

Affinity Purchasing

Connect with customers outside of the stadium with reinforced content in-stadium.

High Impact

Touch focused demos through the fun and passion of sports with lower investment than targeted Social Media.

OmniVision LED Scoreboard Sample

Scalable Multi-Channel Interactive Campaigns Embedding Your Brand in Community Passion.

Screen Capture from Vision Mobile App

Affinity Harnessed by Technology puts you in place to be part of the local community.

Scoring Table Scoreboard Sample

Dual Screen Engagement Solutions with Actionable Analytics makes your brand part of the local stories.

Digital Inventory Options Galore

Giant OmniVision LED Boards – Indoor LED Scoreboards – Scorer’s Table

  • Commercial Units – 15, 30 & 60 Second Slots
  • Replay Bumpers with Pillars
  • Allocate Banner Units to Control Size and Frequency Across Game Parts
  • Specialty Banners/Bugs (Pregame/Postgame, Halftime)
  • Customizable Interactive Branded Elements (Games, Polls, Specialty Events)
  • Trackable Geofenced Special Offers Allows for A/B Testing Across Portfolio
  • 1VISION App Integration

Connections All Around

Abundant Collaboration Opportunities

  • Integration Into Content Segments
  • Experiential and On-site Campaigns
  • Workplace Meets Education Collaborations
  • Social Media Campaigns

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